Soulful Hypnotherapy
& Coaching for Spiritual Seekers

Transforming Thoughtforms

Tap into your soul’s unique wisdom for information that will help you transform your mindset.

Toxic Cycles

Release the thoughtforms that lead you into toxic cycles that don’t serve your personal purpose.

Healing Love & Relationships

Heal the way you engage with yourself and become aware of how that can transform your relational dynamics.

Gaining Alignment & Clarity

Unlock your life’s purpose, explore the possible roots of your symptoms, and release emotional attachments.

Meet Lisa

Lisa Berry, M.S. is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Past Life Regressionist, Reiki Master Practitioner & Spiritual Life Coach based in Northwest Indiana. She helps people transform their limiting beliefs and step into their truest power with a balanced, heart-centered approach to spiritual healing and personal growth.

Every person, every struggle, and every session is unique.

Whether you’re at the beginning of an important life journey, in the thick of an emotional struggle, or feeling ready to release a stage in your life, Hypnotherapy will meet you exactly where you are, in the way you need it to. Learn how to Work With Me >

This alternative modality can be helpful to treat anxiety, stress, phobias, addictions, and inner conflict. It’s a popular approach to managing weight loss, smoking cessation, and heartbreak. 

A results-oriented approach to past life regression that is useful for personal growth, pain management, relationships, life purpose, depression, and grief. A popular spiritual exploration modality!

Dreams can be powerfully painful, terrifying, and even traumatic on occasion. This creative hypnotherapy technique helps heal & release the energy related to a recent nightmare or confusing dream.

Have you been knocked out of alignment?

Take the 15-Day Soul Rotation Challenge to recharge and redirect the energy of your life by connecting deeply with the natural vibrations all around you.

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