Forecast Reading for 2021

I’ve been doing intuitive tarot readings for 20 years. Last year, I started publishing collective energy readings on my Instagram and it’s something I have enjoyed posting in my Stories & Highlights every week, but I may not take up again in the future. When the time came to read for the final week of 2020, so much came up that I had to move it over to the blog!

Before I launch into the collective reading and the 2021 readings by astrological sign that you’ll find on the next page, I want to clarify what “collective” means for readers who are not familiar with the term. A collective is a large group of people that have reached a similar sense of awareness. Because collective readings are general, they will not apply to everyone and a reader may resonate with some parts but not the rest, other readers will resonate with all of it, and others will not resonate at all.

Leaving 2020 Behind

In this reading, we had Gnosis, The Faultline, The Maiden, 7 of Earth, 1st of Water, 8 of Pentacles, and 8 of Cups.
There’s been a lot of talk about spiritual and dimensional shifts in the quote-unquote new age community, and we all have different ideas about what’s going on. I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a difficult year, chock-full of lessons regarding ego and shadow projections.

All knowledge of the “old” world as we know it is over. The na?vet? of the Piscean age was overtly trusting on the establishment and societal norms in a codependent relationship meant to uphold the status quo. Being removed or separated from this routine environment broke that paradigm and forced everyone to go within. Some found love and authenticity, some found demons and madness, and others found opportunities to practice balance and integration.

One way or another, every person has found alignment with a new sense of being, and in that sense, 2020’s divine purpose has been fulfilled. Metaphorically speaking, our proverbial masks have fallen off because we now recognize our tribes, or the collectives that we choose to align to by personal choice. In the spiritual sense, we are being led from a leading life of circumstance into a life of consequence. As the divisiveness continues to come up all around us, the message that 2020 is leaving behind for all of us is this: You will need to learn how to agree to disagree.

In a material sense, human beings have re-discovered that there are other ways to employ their time. Mystics and weirdos have known this for a very long time, which is why many of us are not surprised as we watch the work-sleep-eat wheel being broken and abandoned.

So, what happens now? Well, that’s the point… 2021 is here to teach you that you get to decide.

2021: The Year of the Rebel

The Box, The One, Perception, 3 of Fire, Death, Justice, 10 of Cups, King of Cups, King of Pentacles, The Heirophant, 8 of Wands. Ka-pow!
You might’ve heard that we are moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. While Pisces cares deeply about what other people think, anyone who knows an Aquarius personally already knows that Aquarians simply do not care what other people think about them!

The Box represents confinement, a mold that is meant to be broken. It’s everything that we need to break out of (like other people’s expectations), and yet, The One is also here to remind us that separation is an illusion! Is it a contradiction? Maybe… but that’s Aquarius for you, isn’t it?

Think of 2021 as a rebellious renegade riding in on its motorcycle,
wearing shades & blasting music. Breaking the law!

Let’s entertain this archetype for a moment. Here’s a maverick that doesn’t care what people think because it has no time for fighting with small minds. Its mere presence shakes up the energy and forces everyone to question their perceptions. If you can understand that, then it might just be your friend. This is 2021 in a nutshell!

All this new chaotic energy will be the cause of confusion for many. Those who continue to mourn for the “old age” will have a particularly hard time adjusting. Take advantage of 2021’s renegade energy as it rides in to teach you that complaining that “this can’t be the new normal” won’t be helpful, because (please excuse the language, this is how the reading came across) f*ck “new normal” and while we’re at it, f*ck “can’t”! In other words, the new age is already here, and how you experience that is up to you – just know that you can always make your own rules.

Expect traditional structures, particularly the slow-moving ones like finance, education, and family, to be shifted dramatically. While watery Pisces likes to learn experientially through slow-moving emotions, airy Aquarius is all about The Hack Mindset. Limitations like race-ism and class-ism are about to be set upside down, as the reality that there are no good guys or bad guys become clearer by the day…

Is violence an option? Yes. Is peace an option? Also, yes. So…. Who do you want to be? If the past did not exist, what would you choose for yourself now?

We’ve got two Kings and a Heirophant with an 8 of Wands on the board. Fast-moving energy and awareness will provoke rapid shifts that will seem unconventional. Perceptions on money, career, resources, and relationships will re-align dramatically. While these changes may not happen overnight, by this time next year you might notice that things changed much quicker for you than you expected. Self-reliance, inclusiveness, expansiveness, and the value of small communities (and the values that those communities are built on!) will continue to become more valuable as the establishment watches on…

This forecast might sound scary, but the advice oracle cards are actually quite positive! We had Teeth, The North Star, and You Hold the Key to an Awakened Life. If you choose to keep your focus on what’s truly important to you and decide to take action on it, then you might be able to to take full advantage of what this juicy year has to offer. Remember, just because our maverick doesn’t care about what people think, that doesn’t mean it is cruel – so you don’t have to be, either. And who knows, it might even be fun! I’ll leave you with 2021’s message for you in the form of song lyrics:

You talk about things that nobody cares,
Wearing out things that nobody wears
You’re calling my name but I gotta make clear
I can’t say baby, where I’ll be in a year!

– Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith

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