Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regressionist

Hi there, I’m Lisa!

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Growing up, I learned English as a second language and became fluent at an early age. Throughout my life, I struggled with insecurity, abandonment, rejection, anxiety, addiction, and so much more. Spirituality, prayer, meditation, and self-exploration guided me through the most challenging times of my life, and it still guides me to this day. 

I studied shamanic dreamwork, Reiki Jin Kei Do, Usui Reiki, and shamanic healing practices. I also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (B.A.), and a Master of Science in Internet Marketing (M.S.) in Puerto Rico while I worked for many years in the digital marketing space as an e-commerce specialist, brand strategist, and digital data analyst. Eventually, I became a certified Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regressionist, and a Usui Reiki Master.

The unpredictability of life took me to Northwest Indiana, where I live and practice hypnotherapy, and I also work for a non-profit organization. In my life’s journey and spiritual work, I’ve come to understand that our soul’s journey is eternal. All physical, mental, and emotional wounding begins in spiritual confusion. When we carry past life trauma and generational trauma, it consistently manifests as pain, depression, addiction, and blockages to success, joy, and love. I believe that dreams are the language of the soul, and they’re often the first window of insight into the energies that are waiting to be brought forth for emotional healing, and a subsequent awakening into personal freedom. 

Therapy for the Soul

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Discover the power of intentionally cultivating a mindful practice with yourself and with others. I occasionally partner with Holistic Yoga by Otis to create small gatherings for women who wish to cultivate sisterhood, empowerment, safety, and well-being in Northwest Indiana.

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