Guided Mindfulness Meditations
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Explore mindfulness meditation & hypnosis techniques for personal growth and transformation.

Mindfulness Practice

Seeing People as Humans, Not Labels

FREE (8:14 minutes)

Mindfulness Practice

Cultivating a Tender Heart & Dealing with Frustrating People

FREE (7:26 minutes)

Soothing Mindfulness Meditation

Affectionate Breathing

$1.99 (10:31 minutes)

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Space Induction Technique

$3.99 (12:48 minutes)


NEW Guided Journal for Avid Dreamers

Learn how to interpret your own dreams!

Dreamscapes is a workbook created by Lisa Berry for dreamers who want to learn about dream interpretation. The journal includes a summarized introduction to spiritual dream healing, and a simple system for dream interpretation that you won't find anywhere else!