Author: Spirit Dreams

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra may be one of the most important chakras in the system because it acts as the center, or the source of energy that helps balance the rest. Think of this chakra as a water-well of energy that nourishes the whole chakra system. When that well is poisoned, then the system is unwell. […]

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach? That’s the Solar Plexus chakra at work! Also known as the personal power chakra, the 3rd chakra’s energy develops in our late teens and takes us into early adulthood. It’s a great time for self-identification, managing contrast, and identifying where we belong among different social groups and […]

The Sacral Chakra

You’ll read a lot about the Sacral Chakra being located below the navel, but it is actually located right on the sacrum. Why is this important? The sacrum is a triangular shield-like structure that fuses your hips to your vertebrae and stabilizes your pelvis – meaning that it is absolutely essential to your legs and […]

The Root Chakra

Also known as the first chakra, or the red chakra, the Root Chakra develops early in life, during the time in which we learn how to eat, talk, walk, run, dance, and establish our first personal relationships. The way we engage in these actions and how we rely on them give us a sense of […]

Understanding Our Chakras

What are Chakras? If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard someone talk about chakras at some point in your life! Chakras are known as energy points that exist between the physical body and the spiritual body. They are often depicted as points of light or wheels that may spin clockwise, or counterclockwise, or alternatively. The […]

Dream of Travel and Transportation

Dreams of travel and transportation come in all shapes and sizes. The most common symbols include cars, airplanes and trains, and they’re usually accompanied with feelings of anxiety, confusion, fear, regret, or disappointment. In Freudian analysis, the latent content in car dreams are related to sexuality because the motion or the movement of a dream […]

What is Dream Coaching?

I’m often asked about my work in dream interpretation and how I go about it. I have to say, that it isn’t an easy question to answer! Much like a dream is sometimes hard to describe, my experience with dreaming, dream interpretation, and shamanic dream healing would take a very long time to explain. Like […]

Dreams of the Arctic

Dreams of the Arctic and chasing “the North” can appear to us in many ways. You may find yourself trudging through snow, climbing a snowy mountain, swimming in the icy waters, soaring over the frigid landscape or meeting specific Arctic animals face to face. To begin looking at the Arctic as a dream element, we […]