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Success Stories

I loved my first hynotherapy session! Lisa is the absolute best! The environment is super inviting and relaxing.
If you've never done a hypnotherapy session- GO DO IT!!!


I had a Hypnotherapy session with Lisa in helping me clear some past relationship issues. It was an incredible experience. I was able to delve into my psyche and resolve many fears around men. She is very pleasant to work with. Lisa is very knowledgable and guides you thru the entire process with ease and grace. I highly recommend Lisa!


I had never had hypnotherapy before so was not sure what to expect. Lisa explained what was going to happen and how she would proceed ahead prior to starting. Lisa took her time to listen about what I was wanting to accomplish and questions when needed in order to add clarity so she knew exactly what I was wanting. Lisa offered a lot of insight into some of the things I was saying to her. Lisa has a great soothing voice to help you relax and have a great session. I would highly recommend a hypnotherapy session with Lisa!!


The rest of Saturday, I was in an extremely happy state of mind. And I mean that I was smiling all day, even though I was alone. I feel the same way today... THANK YOU


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