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Dreams & Dream Symbols

Dream of Travel and Transportation

Dreams of travel and transportation come in all shapes and sizes. The most common symbols include cars, airplanes and trains, and they're usually accompanied with feelings of anxiety, confusion, fear, regret, or disappointment. In Freudian analysis, the latent content in car dreams are related to sexuality because the motion or the movement of a dream journey represents a wish for sexual intercourse. I don't usually give importance to Freudian analysis in dreamwork, but this time it really caught my attention.[...]

Dreams of Houses and Home

I've been listening to a couple of songs lately that have had me ruminating over the meaning of the word home, and they have inspired me to write a bit about dreams of Houses and Home. Over the past couple of years, I've been experiencing a massive change in my personal life. For reasons that are not relevant now, I had to leave my home and create a new life in a completely different environment, on my own. So, let's begin. There's nothing quite like being displaced from your home. Have you ever ha[...]

What is Dream Coaching?

I'm often asked about my work in dream interpretation and how I go about it. I have to say, that it isn't an easy question to answer! Much like a dream is sometimes hard to describe, my experience with dreaming, dream interpretation, and shamanic dream healing would take a very long time to explain. Like many dreamers out there, I remember dreaming intensely since I was very young. The earliest vivid dream I can remember happened when I was about 6 years old, in which I dreamed I was being chased through a rai[...]

Dreams of the Arctic

Dreams of the Arctic and chasing "the North" can appear to us in many ways. You may find yourself trudging through snow, climbing a snowy mountain, swimming in the icy waters, soaring over the frigid landscape or meeting specific Arctic animals face to face. To begin looking at the Arctic as a dream element, we have to understand that the nature elements of earth, water, wind, and fire are coming together in this unique space to set the stage for magic and manifestation. Snow Dreams Within the Arctic dre[...]

Dreams of Winter

Dreams of Winter

I?ve been having what I call "Dreams of Winter" for over three years now.  Admittedly, the past three years have been extremely transformative for me, but as someone who grew up in the tropics, this recurring theme continues to puzzle me. You see, even dream interpreters become stumped from time to time (sometimes often!), and when I find that I can't make sense of a dream or a series of dreams, I like to write it down and promptly forget it. Dream shamans often say that a dream's energy must be 'carried[...]

The Elements in Dreams

Dream interpretation is so vast! Breaking down concepts, theories, and definitions can be a real challenge - especially when you know that when it comes to dreaming, subjectivity is everything. A great method for dream interpretation that can help you extract symbolic meaning is understanding the relationship between the elements of air, fire, water, and earth, and their relationship with everything that surrounds us. Ready to jump in? Element of Air The element of Air is associated with the East, the ri[...]

common dreams

Top 10 Common Types of Dreams

Every dream is meant to bring something to our attention that is meant to provide an opportunity for healing. On the subject of types of dreams, there's a lot of ground to cover - dreams can be as varied as the people who dream them. Every dreamer carries a deep set of individual unconscious experiences that only the dreamer knows, and is able to identify. On the other hand, all dreamers share access to the collective unconscious, which carries a vast amount of information that is impossible to calculate or ca[...]

What is dream healing?

Shamanic dream healing is a continuous process of self-discovery and exploration. This spiritual and emotional healing approach has different methods, but the best way to begin to understand it is by learning about what dreams are, why we dream, what we can learn from our dreams, and the way that we dream. What are dreams? Nobody knows for certain what dreams actually are, aside from being described as a mental experience that humans have during sleep. It has been noted that dreaming is universal, and that it i[...]