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Spiritual Growth

My Notes on Shamanism

The role of the shaman has been described by scholars and anthropologists as a "religious actor" who holds a particular wisdom that is revered by their community. Shamanism is an animistic results-oriented practice that can be found in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australasia, the Americas and the Caribbean. "Shamanism is as varied as those who practise it. Its practitioners range from indigenous lineages who have passed down their craft over thousands of years to the modern ‘plastic shamans’, who represent no spe[...]

Past Life Regression Story: Tragedy in the West

"I think I might've starved to death in a past life," my client said during her intake session. Barbara* requested Past Life Regression Therapy to aid in her weight loss journey. She was curious about spiritual exploration, but frustrated with herself and her dietary habits. She noticed that every time she started a dietary routine, she would follow through with it wonderfully until she'd give in to one craving that would make her "fall of the bandwagon" completely, as she puts it. This behavior was so puzzlin[...]

Woman in the Fields

Past Life Regression Story: Heavy Lifting

"What's a past life regression like?" people sometimes ask me, eager to hear an exciting mystical story. "Well..." I reply, "you kind of have to experience it for yourself." They react a bit puzzled, and I admit that it's not a gratifying answer. It's not that I don't have anything to say on the subject, on the contrary - How much time do you have? Past Life Regression Therapy is a unique, intra-psychic experience that varies from client to client. The stories that come up can be surprisingly ordinary, even me[...]

Soulful Hypnotherapy

What is Soulful Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is the act of guiding someone into a trance state. Trance states are defined in different ways, but they commonly refer to a deep state of relaxation and/or hyperfocus with increased suggestibility.  We're typically immersed in a trance state in our daily lives. If you've ever zoned out while driving or found yourself in a lull while binging on your favorite Netflix show, you've been in a trance state. Hypnosis is also known for its ability to harness the power of suggestion, meaning that a perso[...]