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Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energy healing that channels spiritually guided life force energy, the energy which fills our whole universe and all living things. This energy is guided through the hands of the practitioner into the body of the receiver. It is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on energy balancing system that induces a state of relaxation, peace and joy.

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Learn the art of Reiki to access your innate healing abilities and open yourself to an infinite flow of wellbeing. A Reiki attunement opens all chakras — especially chakras in the crown, the heart, and the palms — creating a link between a student and the infinite Reiki source of unconditional love.

Reiki Lv. 1

A two-day seminar that includes the history of Reiki, Mindfulness practices, Hand positions, Self-Treatment, Chair Treatment, and Table Treatment. Three treatments & Ceremony.

Reiki Lv. 2 Advanced

A two-day seminar that reviews that includes a Chakra workshop, Chakra balancing, Reiki symbols, distance Reiki, and table treatment practice with the new techniques. Three treatments & Ceremony.

Reiki Lv. 3 Professional

A two-day seminar that introduces new table treatment techniques, energy extraction, a new Reiki symbol, and a Professionalism workshop. Three treatments & Ceremony.

Reiki Lv. 4

A two-day seminar that introduces new Reiki symbols, and how to lead initiation ceremonies. This seminar includes a lot of discussion on Ethics and what it means to be a Master Reiki Teacher. Five ceremonies.

*Each class includes a certificate of completion.

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