Dreams of the Arctic

Dreams of the Arctic and chasing “the North” can appear to us in many ways. You may find yourself trudging through snow, climbing a snowy mountain, swimming in the icy waters, soaring over the frigid landscape or meeting specific Arctic animals face to face.

To begin looking at the Arctic as a dream element, we have to understand that the nature elements of earth, water, wind, and fire are coming together in this unique space to set the stage for magic and manifestation.

Snow Dreams

Within the Arctic dream element, the dream symbol of Snow is probably the most significant. In the past, I’ve shared my thoughts on Snow as a dream symbol that can represent an illusion that temporarily covers our psychological landscapes.

Going North

However, when a dream is beckoning us to head North and explore Arctic landscapes, we are being forced to put all of that on hold because two equally powerful yet contradicting themes are at play here: Myth vs. Reality.

From Hypoallergic: Map of the Arctic by Gerardus Mercator (first printed 1595, edition from 1623), with the mythical ‘Rupes Nigra’ magnetic black rock at the North Pole.

The Mythical North

Myths of the Arctic are extremely vast. The Arctic circle is often regarded as a mythical place, where most humans have never been, yet somehow take for granted that it exists. Around this time of year, many of us relate the North Pole to cheer and hopefulness. Metaphorically speaking, we can acknowledge the “North” as a place of mysticism, magic, and myth. 

The Real Arctic

On the other hand, we also know that the Arctic region is a very real, unforgiving place that would place any unprepared human being in immediate danger. Our dreamy winter wonderland suddenly becomes a harsh environment that is forcing us to face serious facts… but of what kind?

Breaking Through the Illusion

We’re at the point in which this dream element becomes really interesting. Going back to Snow as the major dream symbol that covers the psychological landscape to be explored, we have to understand that in the Arctic the rules have now changed: Snow is not a temporary illusion anymore – it IS what IS.

The personal myth of emotional exploration and spiritual breakthrough has now become a major reality. What if you woke up one day to discover that your dreams are real, and what you regarded as reality is nothing but an illusion?

Into the Unknown

Being called to explore the North is about letting our analytical Left Brains go wild, and letting our creative Right Brains mature, in order to seek a delicate balance between our hopes and dreams, and our realities. If your dreams, meditations, or shamanic journeys are calling to explore the Arctic North, the northern lights, or the North Mountain, know that you are being called to let go and accept the magic within and around you.

Ask yourself: What would you do if your dreams actually came true?

Know that there are higher conceptual aspects to focus on now. This is a time to reach out and tap into new spiritual energies that defy the current limits of consciousness. It is a time to break through that which does not fit into your current worldview, in order to transcend your limiting beliefs.

Go where the wild things are. You are being asked to step into the unknown.

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