Dreams of Winter

Dreams of Winter

I?ve been having what I call “Dreams of Winter” for over three years now. 

Admittedly, the past three years have been extremely transformative for me, but as someone who grew up in the tropics, this recurring theme continues to puzzle me. You see, even dream interpreters become stumped from time to time (sometimes often!), and when I find that I can’t make sense of a dream or a series of dreams, I like to write it down and promptly forget it. Dream shamans often say that a dream’s energy must be ‘carried around’ for a while before it can be ‘digested’.

Although I trust that the meaning of a puzzling dream will come to me when it is meant to, I do enjoy digging into the symbolism to learn more about the elements and the energies I have been dealing with. It also helps me help others when they come to me inquiring about the meaning of their dreams.

My Dreams of Winter rarely repeat storylines, but they do feature key symbols that repeat themselves continuously, making this series of dreams a recurring phenomenon. I’ve decided to share some of my findings on the symbols related to the Winter theme, in hopes of helping others and perhaps, finding a way to purge my own attachment to the energy that has been charging these beautifully icy, yet oddly comforting, dreams of snow-capped mountains, icebergs and northern lights.


Physicality, practicality, patience, solidity, solidarity, family.  As I’ve written before, all dream symbols can be related to the natural elements. This helps us make sense of the underlying energy beneath the symbol. Dreams of Earth announce an upcoming stage of culmination and release. The harvest has been gathered, and now we must live out the long winter with the efforts that we have put in throughout the year. This is a time to share what we have learned and release the past with dignity. Although we know that death is but a transition, the lesson that Earth brings is that in order to be reborn, we must first accept that our own egos must die.


With Winter comes death, release, and a sense of comfort in knowing that the things that are not meant for us can not be in our lives forever. Related to the element of Earth, dreams of wintertime and snow mean that there’s an important topic at hand: You must accept that which you cannot control any longer. With release comes wisdom, and this dream is asking you to see whatever is happening, or about to happen, as a learning experience. Remember that Winter cannot last forever, and this too, shall pass. 

The North Pole (Arctic)

Seeking balance. There are higher conceptual aspects to focus on. Reaching out to tap into new spiritual energies that defy the current limits of consciousness. Breaking through that which does not fit into your current worldview, and transcending limiting beliefs. Click here to learn more about Dreams of the Arctic Circle.

The South Pole (Antartic)

Exploration of hidden truths; tapping into ancient energies that lie beneath the surface. That which has been there all along “frozen” and waiting to be recognized.


Dreams of snow suggest emotional isolation, cold interactions, and shutting down emotions as a self-defense mechanism. Experiencing happiness in the snow suggests that the “iciness” is thawing in your life. A white blanket of snow suggests that the complexity of life is being covered up. If you are walking in the snow, consider how difficult it is for you to trek through this mass of earth & water: Are you having trouble making sense of your emotions?

On the other hand, the dreamer’s perspective of snow can shift the entire meaning of the dream. If the dreamer loves snow, then the dream can be seen as a positive offer or opportunity. It can also suggest a period of calmness and peace.

Personally, I find that snow is an interesting symbol to analyze because it requires us to look at all of the elements: earth, water, air, and fire (or lack thereof). In considering falling snow as a symbol of water (emotions) gliding through the air (thoughts) and accumulating as earth (physicality), one cannot help but think of the act of manifestation through the integration of the heart and the mind. However, without spiritual fire, what has been manifested will be thawed out and be made to return to its original state.

Ice and Icebergs

Ice and icebergs represent frozen emotions, obstacles, and hidden depths. There might be an air of indifference or unwillingness to explore what lies beneath the surface. Icebergs are also symbols of the unconscious, so an exploration of the subconscious mind, past traumas, or hidden agendas in a situation may be called for.

The Night Sky

Dreams of the night sky suggest a period of reaching for higher purpose, or becoming aware of the higher purpose. A bright sky is simply joy, and suggests a temporary relief from worries. It may also point towards that which is unattainable.


Stars are wonderful omens. New opportunities that request self-belief, intuition, and insight (spiritual fire, emotional depth, and clear thought ). There’s an energy of hope and innocence that can be tapped into now – Perhaps it’s time to wish upon a star!

The North Star

The Polar star is a guide to the unconscious and our ancestors. It is a divine presence in your life. There is nothing to do but trust and let it guide you.  

The Northern Lights

Dreams of the aurora borealis suggest that beauty and guidance is in the air. Where there was a lack of fire in the snowy ground of the north, there is an excess of fiery energy to be found blazing across the night sky. Union of the elements and a potential for pure manifestation. As above, so below.

Polar Bear

The polar bear is an accomplished dreamtime traveler that is able to connect with the ice, land, sea, and sky. Because it treks alone through the polar night, it is an experienced traveler and can offer guidance through a variety of worlds. Polar Bear is a powerful companion to have when breaking through the final obstacles of a long-term spiritual quest. 


Depending on where the dreamer is in regards to the cliff, and what happens with the cliff, this symbol can take on many meanings. It can bring a message about getting a bird’s eye view, being forced to face a difficult situation or decision, or having to step into the unknown.


I am not sure how it fits into this topic, but a couple of my Dreams of Winter have featured trains, train tracks, and freight trains. The train symbol deserves a blog post all its own, because I am now convinced that the image of a train traveling though snow & ice is an archetype waiting to be explored!

Usually, trains suggest a journey that is ‘on track’. Whether it is on the right track will depend on the dream and the dreamer’s perspective, storyline, and reactions. A passenger train suggests a personal journey, while a freight train suggests a movement of circumstances or situations. Train tracks, or a railroad, bring up questions about progress and the track that has been laid out towards your goals. Is it solid and well-built? Alternatively, are you being too rigid? Are you standing on the wrong side of the tracks? Dreams of a train horn may mean that an opportunity is passing you by.

What to do with this information
So far, we’ve been looking at elements and symbols to observe the influence, or the underlying energies of a dream. However, with any and all dreams, the overarching potential of the dream’s energy lies in: The dreamer’s experience of the dream, the emotions felt throughout the dream, and the reactions upon waking. In other words, you may be facing metaphorical icebergs and northern lights in your dreams, but what is your attitude towards it? 

Take note of everything you have been dreaming, and compare them to the emotions you felt during the dream and the reactions you immediately felt upon waking up. These reactions might be alerting you to the attitude you must take, shape, or keep, in order to manage the energies that the dream symbols are asking you to pay attention to.

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