Discover Mary Lee LaBay’s  Integrative Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression online course. You could become a Certified Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regressionist in 7-10 weeks!

Did you know that I spent over 15 years gathering all kinds of formal degrees and certifications in the holistic arts? It never occurred to me that the one thing that would propel me forward would be… Becoming a Hypnotherapist! 

The Integrative Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression course put my practice on a fast track, and it helped put my life on a whole new level of experience.

If you are a Healer, a Life Coach, or a Heart-centered person in the midst of a career change, this might be your calling to step up to make a difference in people’s lives.

Watch this short video as I have a quick chat with Mary Lee LaBay about her course!

It's Time to Share Your Gift

If you’re already here, you’re probably more than ready for this.

There are unique life experiences that only you can speak about – and you can guide other people through. As an experienced digital marketing strategist, I can say with confidence that there is a niche out there for you. 

I am so confident about this, in fact, that once you have completed your Integrative Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression certification course with Mary Lee LaBay*, you’ll receive my FREE Brand Alchemy: Marketing Handbook for Hypnotherapists to help you get your new practice rolling AND a Free 1:1 Coaching Call with me to go over your brand strategy! 

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