What's your Mindset Type?

We’re all heroes of our own stories, and every hero must face a challenge! I often find that my clients carry one key limiting belief that blocks them from breaking out of their comfort zones. 

What’s yours?

What's your Type?

Now that you’ve taken the quiz, learn more about your mindset type below!

You are multi-talented and a source of motivation for everyone around you, yet you have trouble believing in yourself. You may have failed while trying to reach your goals in the past, and that gives you anxiety about moving forward now.
You struggle with perfectionism – Have you been comparing yourself to other people, or their lifestyle choices lately?
  • Limiting Belief: “I’m stuck”, “I can’t because ___”
  • Your Talent: Creative, Observant, Quick Thinker
  • Your Goal: If you want to have the freedom to be yourself and create, you’re going to have to create it.
  • Your Virtue/Task: Joy, Playfulness
You have a big heart, and you already know that your grandest purposes in life is to share that heart! You’re the prime definition of an empath because you choose to see the best in people.
Most people fail at least once in their relationships, but when you fail, it’s exceptionally hard. You might be too hard on yourself at times as you wonder “Is there a way I could’ve loved them better?”
  • Limiting Belief: “There is no one for me”, “I am not enough”
  • Your Talent: To see the value in others.
  • Your Goal: To hold yourself at same level of respect and admiration as you would for your partner(s).
  • Your Virtue/Task: Love, Worth
Your caring nature sends out a ripple effect that is felt by everyone around you. You’re the one everyone turns to for help, advice, and nurturing, but how often do you get to speak and be nurtured? When was the last time someone helped you?
It’s not unusual for Keepers to live life “on low battery” because it seems like they never get a chance to recharge.
  • Limiting Belief: “I don’t have time”, “I have to do this on my own”
  • Your Talent: Knowing exactly what people need.
  • Your Goal: To learn how to acknowledge your own needs and set boundaries for yourself.
  • Your Virtue/Task: Peace, Expression
You’re a bit of a dreamer, a wanderer, an idealist, an individualist. Explorers are a little bit all over the place, and are sometimes seen as rebels or renegades because they think outside the box.
When it comes to making decisions, you may suffer from analysis paralysis because you’ve tried many things and you’re painfully aware of how they can fail. This may lead you to escapism, and your wandering nature can end up in a meaningless void.
  • Limiting Belief: “I have no purpose”, “I don’t know where to go next”
  • Your Talent: Open-Minded, Accepting, Visionary
  • Your Goal: To harness your own energy and prioritize your tasks according to your long-term goals. 
  • Your Virtue: Trust, Freedom
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