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Whether you’re at the beginning of an important life journey, in the thick of an emotional struggle, or feeling ready to release a stage in your life, the spirit-centered approach will meet you exactly where you are, in the way you need it to.
Book a Hypnotherapy Session

While other forms of clinical hypnosis target human behavior, I refer to my style of healing as Soulful or Shamanic Hypnotherapy because I combine my experience as a Reiki Master Practitioner and Shamanic Practitioner to approach healing from a deeper, spiritual space.

This alternative modality can be helpful to treat anxiety, stress, and inner conflict. It’s also a wonderful approach for transforming your limiting beliefs, grief, self-worth, and mindset.

Sacred Soulwork

Also known as a Soul Retrieval, the Sacred Soulwork session is powerful shamanic healing modality in which I perform a spirit journey to recapture your lost soul parts, followed by a distant reiki energy healing, and a post-session chat about what happened and the power animals that may have come forth during the healing work.

It is believed that when a person suffers trauma or grief, a part of the soul splits and leaves the body. After a Sacred Soulwork session, clients report feeling more “whole”, with new energy, and a fresh rush of memories. 

Sometimes you really need to talk to someone about your spiritual awakening journey, without judgement or biased opinions.

This 2.5-hour 1:1 confidential session is a great chance to process a recent issue, insight, synchronicity that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with your usual circle. Soul Coaching includes Hypnotherapy, and may include Sacred Soulwork, Dreamwork, and a Tarot reading depending on the session.

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Book a Dream Healing Session

Dream Healing is a unique healing modality that I developed to merge Shamanic Dream Healing and Hypnotherapy to help heal & release the energy related to a recent nightmare or confusing dream.

A results-oriented approach to Past Life Regression that is useful for personal growth, emotional healing, understanding relationships, life purpose, and more.

A popular spiritual exploration modality!

Take some time out for yourself to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit!

Reiki is an energy healing modality that promotes optimal relaxation in the body, which in turn aids in pain management, cell reparation, lowering stress, and leaving the person with a general sense of well-being. 

1-hour sessions only available in-person.

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CIRCLE is a small initiative in Northwest Indiana to lead women into higher consciousness and self-awareness through Yoga and Meditation gatherings and retreats.​

COMING SOON – Unlock your divine feminine wisdom and move into a empowered space of leadership with poise and grace. This transformational 90-day program includes 1:1 coaching calls, 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions, unlimited e-mails, journal prompts, and more!


Have you been knocked out of alignment?

Take the 15-Day Soul Rotation Challenge to recharge and redirect the energy of your life by connecting deeply with the natural vibrations all around you.