The Root Chakra

Also known as the first chakra, or the red chakra, the Root Chakra develops early in life, during the time in which we learn how to eat, talk, walk, run, dance, and establish our first personal relationships. The way we engage in these actions and how we rely on them give us a sense of identity and grounding.

  • Color: Red
  • Location: Base of the spine
  • Element: Earth
  • Development Stage: 0 – 7 years old

Setting the Stage

Humans are at a very vulnerable point during the ages of 0-7. For better or for worse, we have no choice but to surrender and trust in our environment and the people around us. Our connection with our mothers and the way that we received nourishment & care creates a subconscious template, a stage upon which we’ll be playing out our entire lives. How sturdy is this stage? How ample is it? How much lighting does it have? How many stage hands are involved in this metaphorical theater that is your life?

Safety, Self-Reliance & Belonging

“Where are you from?”

Root Chakra experiences have everything to do with the material world. Safety, security, self-reliance, and having a core sense of belonging is involved in this journey (I mean, were you even invited into this metaphorical theater in the first place?).

Having an early sense of growing up in a safe home (or not), of being able to trust safe & loving people (or not), and having access to timely, proper nourishment (or not) will determine how you react to the world from then on.

The Power of Tribal Attachments

Your early experiences have shaped your perception of what a physical environment is like, and because of your naïve youth, you absorbed all of this unquestioningly. As such, these experiences defined the psychological template for your expectations later on in life.

Tribal attachments define your sense of belonging, boundaries, honor, and community values.

By the time you reach 7 years of age, you’ve already defined a family, home, town & country that gives you sense of belonging. For better or for worse, this is your tribal attachment, and herein lies the core underlying energy of our capacity for survival and independence. It is through your tribe that you learn about loyalty, honor, justice, and self-reliance.

Material Wealth and Expectations

Much like a theater, life requires production and that production relies on funding, wealth, prosperity, abundance, whatever you may call it… it needs source material. Acquiring those resources involves conditions, exceptions, measures, regulations, and entitlements. So, how able are you to access the resources that you require? While some people are welcomed into the metaphorical theater of life into abundant environments, others are forced to struggle just to keep the lights on.

The way you resonate with your family & community reflects the way that you resonate with your goals in life, and what you believe that you’re able to accomplish or not.

Let’s say that a girl named Mary grew up in a privileged environment while her friend John did not. What Mary experienced while growing up is very different from what John has seen. Mary has a much wider perspective of what is possible in life because she’s had access to more, while John has trouble seeing beyond the mundane problems he deals with every day. Mary loses sight of what people like John have to go through to get to the very place in life that she believes came naturally to her, while John might go through life stuck in a victim role, or struggle to overcompensate to reach a heroic status.

We all know this story – our society is built on these stereotypes! It’s very tempting to become involved in these narratives as we label our main characters as “good” or “evil”. We begin to take it very personally as we take our favorite characters’ success as our own. We pick a side and draw lines on the sand. We practically hear the hum of an epic Hollywood soundtrack as we root for what we believe to be the underdog, compelled to pick a sports team, a political party, and anything else necessary to create divisiveness as a way to declare what we are not.

An Objective Balance of Values

Healing the Root Chakra is about taking a step back from your early programming so you can re-evaluate your beliefs and limitations from a fresher, more objective point of view. Many people going through this journey may find themselves experiencing loss. They could lose money, jobs, connections, families, or perhaps just feel this general sense of “losing” all the time.

The Root Chakra is asking you to STOP focusing on:

  • What you have or don’t have
  • What is available to you or not
  • What has been taken from you
  • What is your “right” or what you feel entitled to
  • What you deserve or what other people “don’t deserve”

Instead, start examining your beliefs about yourself and your environment (including the environment). Are you willing to challenge yourself? Are you brave enough to re-evaluate what you value, and why?

Healing the Root Chakra

Time to go back in time to get to the root of the situation.

What the Root Chakra affects:

You relationship to your own survival, financial independence, money, food sourcing, politics, and belonging. It has a lot to do with your identity in the earthly plane, and what you believe you are able to build, create, and grow. Issues surrounding envy, lack, being enough, having enough, avarice, narcissism, depression, abuse, loss of identity, loss of purpose, physical health, physical strength.

Is my Root Chakra unbalanced?

The Root Chakra is associated with your pelvis, legs, knees, feet, skeletal system, muscular system, and it can also be associated with the circulatory system. It can also be related to your sexual organs (what you are able to produce). Any pain or dysfunction in these areas might be reflecting issues with the energy of your Root Chakra.

How do I balance my Root Chakra?

If you believe that someone is always trying to take something away from you, the root chakra is asking you to examine your inherited belief patterns, superstitions, and traditions. It’s also asking you to examine you relationship with your family, home country, and community more closely. 

For example, have you ever asked yourself where your attitude towards money and work comes from? Is your mind simply repeating what your family or your parents always said? Are you trying too hard to live up to other people’s expectations, or adversely, have you been trying really hard to rebel against that?

A Liberating Sense of Freedom

The most important aspect of balancing the Root Chakra is that you’ll need to turn your focus away from what other people think of you, and shift it towards your body and its relationship to nature. Before family, town, and country, you are a human being of planet Earth with a body that is completely deserving of pleasure and communion with the elements.