The Throat Chakra

Located at the center of the throat, this radiating ball of blue light is related to our power to express ourselves clearly. The Throat Chakra develops its strongest core energy at around the ages of 29-35. This is a phase during which you also experience what astrologers call a Saturn return. You may feel ready to envision and establish a new way of being and yet, feel held back as to how to express and manifest this new sense of self that has been bubbling up in our consciousness.

  • Color: Blue
  • Location: Throat, Jaw, Mouth, Ears
  • Element: Sound / Ether / Space
  • Development stage: 29 – 35
The Throat Chakra rules the power of Will and it’s related to the element of Ether, or Space. You might want to consider the following: How do you take up space? How would you want your energy to fill the room?

Walk the Talk

The Throat Chakra’s journey begins with a desire to step into your true power and declare Who You Truly Are. This journey into re-significance can be just as intense as its predecessor, the Heart Chakra, because it requires you to re-define your boundaries, re-calibrate your emotional reactions, and re-establish a routine or behavior that reflects that new person that you wish to be.

Not only are you required to make conscious changes, you’re also required to be vocal, public, and accountable about it. If that wasn’t enough, consider that because you are rising from the journey of the Heart Chakra, you will also need to maintain your vulnerability when sharing and declaring what your boundaries are. Talk about a transformation!

Facing the Shadow Self

When we use our voices to declare who we are, we need another person to listen, witness, and validate that. Yet sometimes, there is only a mirror present… So, is it worth saying it at all? 

A lot of what needs to be released before you step into healing your Throat Chakra might actually be related to your Sacral Chakra, which rules your early childhood and how your ability to relate to others was formed. Plenty of subconscious programming occurs between the age of 6 – 12 and the dynamics  that went on between you, mom, and dad, actually created the templates that set the stage for your adult relationships to develop in later on. As you might imagine, there’s a lot to dig through here!

Blockages that stem from past experiences make up what is referred to as your own Shadow Self: That which you despise but invariably are, and thereby project. This is a tender point in the spiritual healing journey, because facing shadowy projections can be painful and bring up that familiar knot in your throat… 

Seeking Counsel

As you go through the motions of releasing attachments to past experiences, you may notice that you lack the vocabulary to actually name what you are going through

Seeking counsel is the most effective way to step into an environment in which you’re able to voice your experience with another human being who will validate that. Having people to connect with helps you learn a new vocabulary that will allow you to express yourself effectively. This is why group therapy, talk therapy, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy is so popular.

A Divine Breakthrough

You desire change, but you fear it deeply. You wish to declare to the Universe what you want to manifest but at the same time, you’re skeptical because of what has happened before. You remind yourself of the “reasons why this will never work”.

You may be subconsciously holding onto past failures and disappointments. Remember that, although past mistakes bring wisdom, holding onto the negative thoughtforms and emotions related to those mistakes eventually takes over your psyche. Pretty soon, your mental, emotional, and spiritual life will clog up – The “energy blockages” you hear so much about. Energy blockages related to the Throat Chakra can look like:

  • Anger and passive aggressive communication
  • A tendency to rely on sarcasm, defensiveness, may use harsh words 
  • Confusion in social situations, doesn’t quite know their place
  • Inability to speak or barely “get a word in” with people, or the opposite
  • A sense of defeated-ness that leads to selfishness
  • Failure to focus and follow through on projects 

Facing the core experiences that block your Throat Chakra is a way to call your soul back from the past, so that you may ground it into your present context. What happened before doesn’t necessarily have to happen again… but declaring that to yourself takes courage, and oftentimes, will require action.

Use your voice to reach out to others and say what needs to be said.

What the Throat Chakra affects: Your ability to communicate, state your truth, express your boundaries. It’s not uncommon for some to avoid digging into the core aspects of their issues and dive into compulsively re-creating their identity instead… Also known as spiritual bypassing. This fake it ’till you make it approach could work to some degree, but the best way to save time and anguish is to tackle your shadow head-on and let the true spiritual journey do its work.

Is my Throat Chakra unbalanced? Physical symptoms include cough, throat, sinus, EMT issues, breathing, sleep apnea, snoring, and hearing issues. Emotional reactions include denial, avoidance, too much talking or extreme shyness. There is also a tendency to prefer a jagged-edged sarcastic tone, having a sharp tongue, or being unnecessarily blunt (eg. “speaking the truth even if it hurts”… does it have to, though?). Throat Chakra healing is deep and can be very triggering, so self-medication is also common through addictive behaviors including anxiety medication, smoking, drinking, and excessive eating. 

How can I balance my Throat Chakra? Self-awareness is the most important aspect of this journey. The Throat Chakra not only requires, it forces you to take conscious charge of its healing because it’s all about The Power of Will. In order to transcend, you must will yourself to pay attention to your emotional boundaries while also respecting others’.

Lots of breathing, meditation, observing our own speech, and choosing our words wisely. Admitting when we’re wrong. Hypnotherapy, counseling, anger management, bodywork, martial arts, addiction counseling, art and wilderness therapy are recommended. 

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