How Chakras Work

Understanding Our Chakras

What are Chakras?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard someone talk about chakras at some point in your life! Chakras are known as energy points that exist between the physical body and the spiritual body. They are often depicted as points of light or wheels that may spin clockwise, or counterclockwise, or alternatively.

The ways in which chakras are perceived and understood vary greatly among people, groups, and cultures, but there’s a general understanding of chakras becoming unbalanced when the body is sick or if there is some sort of spiritual confusion. The idea is that if you clear the ‘block’ in the chakra, you’ll clear the discomfort in the body or in your life.

My perspective of chakras is a bit different. As a Reiki healer, I completely know, feel, understand, and believe that chakras may indeed be blocked and can be alleviated through energy healing. However, as a hypnotherapist, I see the chakra system as a guidance system that can help us gain a deeper understanding of why the blockage is happening in the first place. 

The 7 Chakras
The mainstream view of the chakra system is that every chakra is related to a color or an emotion like love or joy.

What do the chakras represent?

You might have already acknowledged that your core experiences related to power, relationships, love, and joy are be a bit… complicated. You might have also noticed that visualizing spinning color wheels can help for a while, but the “healed” feeling doesn’t really last.

Core experiences are shaped during certain stages of our development, and our chakras absorb that energy. As such, every chakra carries its own story and lesson to be learned. Taking a closer look at each chakra can bring insight and awareness that will benefit your personal growth.

I’ve decided to focus on each chakra in separate articles, beginning with the lower chakras, moving up to the upper chakras, and ending with the higher chakras. Although each article focuses on developmental stages, that doesn’t mean that the chakras only “awaken” at that stage. The entire energy system is active and learning throughout your life.