What is Dream Coaching?

I’m often asked about my work in dream interpretation and how I go about it. I have to say, that it isn’t an easy question to answer! Much like a dream is sometimes hard to describe, my experience with dreaming, dream interpretation, and shamanic dream healing would take a very long time to explain.

Like many dreamers out there, I remember dreaming intensely since I was very young. The earliest vivid dream I can remember happened when I was about 6 years old, in which I dreamed I was being chased through a rainforest by a giant crocodile. The shock I had upon waking was so severe, that I could barely get the words out to my grandmother to explain the things that I had seen. I almost had the sense that I… somehow made the dream happen. I felt like I was responsible for my dream. Nowadays, I know that this is a common reaction to a nightmare, but it is such a difficult feeling to shake, isn’t it?

That’s because dream energy can be very powerful. The energy that each dream brings comes from within, it comes from without, and it also comes from every living, pulsating energy in the Universe, all at once. And energy flows where your attention goes… So where’s your attention going lately?

With this in mind, I wanted to share a few common Q&A’s about my practice:

What is a Dream Coach?
My goal as a Dream Coach is to help people gain insight into their own dreams, so that they may uncover the hidden spiritual messages locked within each one.

How does Dream Coaching work?
Dream Coaching is a process that begins with a dreamer sharing a recent dream to explore its potential meaning.

What methods do you use?
My method for dream exploration is based on my life’s study of dream and dreaming. From a shamanic standpoint, all dreaming is healing. A dream that has invaded a dreamer’s mind is a dream with a spiritual message. Using this perspective, I combine psychological dream analysis with classic symbolic interpretation with the purpose of providing the dreamer with insight into what a dream’s hidden message might be. That said, only dreamers can define their own dreams.

Why can’t you give me one straight answer about what my dream is about?
In the realm of dreams, duality reigns. Individual meaning, such as what a Rose reminds you of personally, and the collective meaning, like the general understanding that Roses represent love, are both equally valid. Exploring the context of the dream, the emotions, the reactions in the dream – and even what happened upon waking – is what guides us into what the dream could actually be about. This is the point in which dream dictionaries are tossed out, and Dream Coaching comes in.

What is a Dream Coaching session like?

Different things can happen during a session, depending on the dreamer’s experience with the way I work and what they are comfortable with:

Dream Work
A dream coaching session always begins with a conversation about a recent dream, or a series of dreams, that the dreamer has been ‘carrying around’ and wishes to explore. I ask questions about the dream, the details that describe each symbol, and the emotions and sensations experienced in the dream. Often, our reactivity is personified in dreams, and this is a key turning point in identifying the core underlying energy of the dream.

Dream Healing
Have you ever wanted to go back into a dream to change it? There are times when a dream’s energy requires us to re-enter it in order to shift the energy, to say the words that weren’t said, to recover the items that were lost, or just to say that final goodbye. A Dream Healing session is one in which the dreamer is able to re-enter a dream with a specific task in mind, in order to heal the energy encapsulated in the dream.

In the world of dreams, duality is everything, and what is conscious and what is unconscious are one and the same. It is often said that our brains don’t know the difference between a dream and waking life. Thus, this exercise can have a profound impact on a dreamer’s waking life.

Dream Coaching
I call this practice Dream Coaching because through the sessions, I like to teach my clients how to become aware of their own dream habits so they can take charge of their own dream work. These sessions can also lead into other services that the dreamer might be interested in, such as Reiki healing, tarot readings, shamanic soul retrievals, and past life regressions.

For more information, please feel free to learn more about me or drop me a line!