What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Revised on January 28, 2023

The idea of reincarnation and the practice of past life regression have been around for quite some time. It only takes a quick look over the self-help section of your local bookstore to find at least one book on the topic! There are books on DIY hypnotic regressions, audio meditations, local group meditations, and even tarot cards that are designed to help us gain insight into other dimensions of our selves.

It seems that the curiosity to learn who we were is burning brighter than ever. The idea of having been someone else can be very entertaining, but what if you could use this knowledge to grow emotionally, and spiritually? What if, instead of regressing into an overview of a previous life, you could experience key moments in your past lives that interconnect and give shape to your present life?

Our Souls know no time or space. To the Soul, everything is happening at the same time. Just as we’re able to remember episodes from our present life in a flash, without the need for a chronological sequence, our past life events are similarly recorded in our subconscious. We are actually living many lives at the same time. While we are living in the present and experiencing a powerful emotion, our Souls are also experiencing a different moment in a different lifetime in which that emotion might have been felt even more powerfully. The Soul goes on living, acquiring concepts, developing abilities, and learning lessons that become building blocks for future Soul growth. At the same time, however, there are emotions, sensations, and thoughts that become deeply imprinted into our consciousness.

Just as we’re able to remember episodes from our present life in a flash, without the need for a chronological sequence, our past life events are similarly recorded in our subconscious.

An unresolved experience will seek resolution in the next life. An lovely relationship will seek to repeat itself. Behavior becomes compulsion, fear becomes phobia, guilt becomes self-punishment, and pain will continue until it finds healing. Any traumatic experience from a past life can become a kind of warning in this life, manifesting itself as a fear, a blockage, or an inability to see certain things through.

While you are living this life, part of your consciousness is trapped in another time and space – what shamanic practitioners call Soul Loss. With Past Life Regression Therapy, you can access and relive the unresolved key experiences from your past lives that are impacting your present life. You can re-live the original events, feel the physical sensations, experience the raw emotions, and become aware of the thoughts you had at that particular time.

In my practice, re-living is fundamental for the therapeutic aspect of the regression to take place. There is a great amount of emotional energy to be freed during a Past Life Regression Therapy session, and when one is able to re-experience, or at least understand the conditions of the traumatic event, detachment from that energy and thought process can begin.

What is a Past Life Regression Therapy Session Like?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a unique, intra-psychic experience that varies from client to client. The stories that come up can be surprisingly ordinary, even meaningless for the casual observer, yet they carry a deep significance for the regression subject. The experiences tend to carry a certain energy that correlates with their present life in ways they may find hard to explain.

Most Past Life Regression Therapy sessions begin with a snippet of a Past Life experience, followed by a deepening or complication of events, which sometimes lead to the Death stage. Some clients get to experience the Afterlife stage, in which they evaluate their past life persona. Others go further into the Interlife stage, in which they report being in a state of oneness, and being-ness. They may even speak to spirit guides, or ascended masters! Some may experience themselves descend back to Earth to explore a Fetal Stage, or even their own in-utero memories. The whole experience is deeply transpersonal, and speaking about it can sometimes feel like you’re grasping at words that exist right beyond the veil of language itself.

My role as a results-oriented hypnotherapist is to facilitate introspection and self-awareness by offering key questions that can provide wisdom, clarity, and insight.

Every Past Life Regression brings a unique story. Contrary to popular belief, most regressions are not epic or fabulous. In fact, they’re often stories of ordinary people experiencing very human emotions such as fear, sadness, betrayal, or loneliness. Every regression holds a message, a reflection, or a piece of wisdom that is meant to offer clarity to the client at the time of the regression.

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