Exploring the Subconscious Mind

What is Past Life Therapy?

The idea of reincarnation and the practice of past life regression have been around for quite some time. It only takes a quick look over the self-help section of your local bookstore to find at least one book on the topic! There are books on DIY hypnotic regressions, audio meditations, local group meditations, and even tarot cards that are designed to help us gain insight into other dimensions of our selves.

It seems that the curiosity to learn who we were is burning brighter than ever. The idea of having been someone else can be very entertaining, but what if you could use this knowledge to grow emotionally, and spiritually? What if, instead of regressing into an overview of a previous life, you could experience key moments in your past lives that interconnect and give shape to your present life?

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Past Life Therapy is a unique modality that has only one objective: To Heal the Soul.

Our Souls know no time or space. To the Soul, everything is happening at the same time. Just as we’re able to remember episodes from our present life in a flash, without a need for a chronological sequence, our past life events are recorded in the same way in our subconscious. We are actually living many lives at the same time. While we are living in the present and experiencing a powerful emotion, our Souls are also experiencing the moment in which that emotion was felt for the first, or the last, last time.

The Soul goes on living, acquiring concepts, developing abilities, and learning lessons that become building blocks for future Soul growth. At the same time, however, there are emotions, sensations, and thoughts that become deeply imprinted into our consciousness. An unresolved experience will seek resolution in the next life. An exciting relationship will seek to repeat itself. A repeated conduct will become a tendency. Guilt becomes self-punishment, and pain will continue until it finds healing. Any traumatic experience from a past life can become a kind of warning in this life, manifesting itself as a fear, a blockage, or an inability to see certain things through.

While you are living this life, part of your consciousness is trapped in another time and space – what shamanic practitioners call Soul Loss. With Past Life Therapy, you can access and relive the unresolved key experiences from your past lives that are impacting your present life. You can relive the original events, feel the physical sensations, experience the raw emotions, and become aware of the thoughts you had at that particular time. This experience is fundamental in Past Life Therapy, because it is not enough to simply remember. There is a great amount of emotional energy to be freed during a Past Life Therapy session, and it is fundamental to relive the traumatic event until its emotional charge is depleted. Once you are able to detach from it, you are free to reclaim your energy and move on.

Does Past Life Therapy use hypnosis?

Past Life Regression is very popular in the western world as a hypnotic technique. I use both techniques, and they are similar in the sense that the client is led to discover a past life experience in both modalities. However, they also differ in three major areas:

  • There is no “regression”: Past Life Therapy assumes that if a symptom exists, the client is already regressing. There is no need to call it a regression because it is already happening. In other words, there is no “going back” because it’s all happening here and now, within you.
  • There is no trance, induction, or suggestive therapy: The relaxation process is omitted; instead, the client must enter a state of distress in order to connect with the past life trauma. Additionally, other hypnotherapy methods like reframing, outcome evaluation, and suggestions are not used during the process – it is the client who comes up with the information that is helpful to them.
  • The trauma is re-experienced: While other methods like hypnotic regression or the Akashic records present an overview of what a past life might have been like, a key component of the PLT method is to re-live the past life events, however distressing they may be, in order to dissociate from their energies completely. The past life death experience is of particular importance in PLT to promote embodiment in the healing process.
  • It is a spirit-centered practice: While hypnotherapy primarily works with the subconscious mind and leaves the gate open for past life regression to maybe occur, Past Life Therapy is strictly and directly meant to work with the soul’s experience.

Is Past Life Therapy psychotherapy?

Although the transformative conditions for a re-creation of personality around this experience can be exponential to your personal growth, PLT work is strictly concerned with healing the Soul, because it is a soul that is in pain and it is a soul that is being treated. My role is not to analyze or prescribe based on your experience, rather, my goal is that you get to experience your Self with a sense of freedom and expansion, creating a sense of existing as an individual and as the Universe at the same time.

Before a Past Life Therapy session, I strongly encourage my clients to leave behind all fantasies of who they might have been, or what might have happened in a past life. My role is to guide you through the journey that your Soul needs you to experience at the time of the session. Your Soul has a lot to tell you – are you ready to listen? Request an appointment today!