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I lead a holistic, results-oriented practice that combines a variety of modalities designed to pave the way for your personal & spiritual growth.

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How I Work

My role is to guide you to a fuller awareness of your current experience so that you may find ways of understanding how you can help yourself. I am currently seeing clients at Thrive Healing Center in Chesterton, Indiana.

Therapy for the Mind & Soul

Soulful Hypnotherapy

Discover what lies beneath your conscious mind! Hypnotherapy challenges the assumptions that fuel limiting beliefs that often stem from traumatic experiences and systemic programming. 

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Spiritual Exploration

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy is a psycho-spiritual healing modality that assumes that present-life issues are rooted in past-life trauma. I offer in-person and remote sessions.

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Balance your Energy

Reiki & Mindfulness

Discover a mindful approach to spiritual energy balance by cultivating an attitude of curiosity and non-judgement, or request an appointment for a 1-hour soothing Reiki Treatment in Chesterton, Indiana.

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Shamanic Healings

Sacred Soulwork

Shamanic practice is a results-oriented approach to spiritual healing that assumes the presence of The Great Spirit in your life, and in your healing journey.

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frequently asked questions

Hypnosis is the act of guiding someone into a trance state. During a trance state, the individual is deeply relaxed and able to access subconscious information. 

Hypnotherapy is a method that uses hypnosis to affect a positive effect on an individual. 

This complementary approach can be used along with other modalities to treat anxiety, grief, relationship issues, and addictions including tobacco, alcohol, and codependent behaviors. It’s also been known to help expand spiritual awareness and emotional growth.

Hypnotherapists are not typically licensed to practice clinical psychology or social work. My work as a soulful hypnotherapist allows me to work with the spiritual aspect of the self as an complementary form of self-care, and it should not be used to replace mental healthcare treatment.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful modality for self-discovery and emotional release. Although the experience can be deeply healing and beneficial for people with childhood trauma, PTSD or C-PTSD, I recommend it as a complementary aid to traditional mental health counseling.

Please contact your mental healthcare practitioner to find out if hypnotherapy is right for you.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and I strongly believe in the power of the human spirit. This means that I cannot “make” you do anything that you do not want to do. Your own willingness to change is the most important component in the personal growth process.

While some people feel results immediately, most see deeper, lasting results after 3 – 6 sessions. Contact me to learn more about bundled discounts.

Past Life Regression (PLR) is gentle form of hypnotherapy that can help people recover or evaluate memories of possible past lives or incarnations, in the context of how they might be linked to present life situations. It’s been known to help people release a wide range of emotional blockages that might be hindering their confidence, relationships, communication, and life purpose, among many others.

Although the level of relaxation reached will vary from person to person, and from session to session, everyone can be hypnotized. In fact, we typically go in and out of  trance states in our daily lives without even realizing it! 

It is believed that when a person suffers severe trauma and is “broken”, the soul is fragmented and parts of the soul leave the body to wander.

A Soul Retrieval is a shamanic healing modality in which the practitioner goes on a spirit journey to recapture the lost soul fragments for the person in need of healing. 

The word “shaman” is a global term for earth-centered healer who is guided by the Great Spirit and the spirit realm to perform healing work, and this precisely what I do. Although I identify strongly as Taïno and Caribbean, I do not claim the title “shaman” out of respect for the shaman’s path and the vast variety of indigenous cultures worldwide.

Hypnotherapy might deepen your spiritual connection, but it does not need to interfere with your religious beliefs. Your connection with the Divine is your own, and always respected in my practice.

¡Seguro que sí! Solo déjame saber que deseas una sesión en español al momento de solicitar tu cita para preparar la sesión en español.

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