shamanic healings

Sacred Soulwork

Shamanic healing is a results-oriented practice that aims to release your soul from energies that don’t belong to you anymore.

shamanic healings

Sacred Soulwork

It is believed that all dreaming is healing! Your dreamworld reflects the energy that is holding your waking world together. During this session, we’ll discuss a recent dream and settle on a goal for how to best heal it. Then, I will perform a sacred journey to release the energy. this session includes an audio recording of the journey. If you would like to re-enter your dream to make the changes yourself, schedule a Hypnotherapy session (recommended).   

It is believed that when a person suffers severe trauma, emotional distress, life change, grief, or confusion, the soul splits so that a part of your soul may exit and “check out” of the experience. Soul Loss may also occur is other ways, including stolen energy by other people. Common symptoms include restlessness, numbness, depression, addiction, obsession, and nightmares. During this session, I will perform a sacred journey to retrieve the soul parts that are ready to return to you at this time. This session includes an audio recording of the journey.

While a Soul Retrieval brings energy back to you, an Energy Extraction removes external energy that you have taken on at some point of your life. Being in negative environments or relationships for long periods of time can create a mass of blocking energy in your field. Choose this session if you feel as if you are “carrying weight”, feeling oppressed, squeezed, constricted, or blocked. I ask that you come to this session with an understanding that the energy to be extracted was, at come point, invited in and accepted by yourself.

Note: Some of my clients confuse Energy Extraction with Reiki Healing. While I do perform Reiki after an Extraction, it is not the same practice. Reiki balances your energy field, while extractions are more akin to psychic surgery. 

A Divination Journey is similar to an oracle reading. During a session, we’ll discuss your situation and I will perform a sacred journey to ask key questions and bring back guidance from the spirit realms. Journeys are metaphorical and are meant to guide you into deeper introspection about your situation. Request a Divination Journey if you are deeply confused about a situation that you would like higher guidance on.

Spirit possession is way more common than people realize. The “unquiet dead” can occupy the empty space left after soul loss has occurred. Symptoms include feeling a general heaviness, feeling watched, an attachment to behaviors that are uncharacteristic, new intrusive thinking, and more. Many clients need a Depossession before a Soul Retrieval can take place. Please contact me directly for more information if this is making sense to you.

I am a shamanic practitioner. Learn more about my thoughts on this in my blog.

You will know. If this is your first time, expect to feel drawn and interested, while also feeling slightly triggered on the verge of avoidance (ie. canceling at the last minute). 

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